Camping safaris

Camping safaris are designed for those who don’t mind eating and sleeping outside. Tanzania is one of the Africa’s best camping destinations and there is no better way to experience the Africa wilderness than by camping out in wilds under the wide skies ,relax and stick your toes in the sand while you sit under around a crackling campfire ,watching spectacular sunsets and listening to Africa’s nightlife … a lions roar in the distance , the cry of Hyena ,the chirp of a cricket ….
All that can be enjoyed on a traditional camping safari which lets you enjoyed untamed African wilderness. Our camping safaris are not “luxury camps”, though we have a wide size-range of comfortable & modern tents, and mattresses, tables & chairs and mess tents for meals. Our cooks prepare scrumptious bush meals, and we can provide toilets, showers, and all the necessities for a comfortable bush experience.
Our camps can be mobilized each day, and set up in private or public campsites, as per your preference and budget. Our itineraries are customised to best suit the individual’s wishes, expectations, and budget..

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